Odoo Social Marketing - Odoo 15 Enterprise Book


En el módulo de marketing social, obtendrá varias opciones para configurar en el menú de configuración.Puede encontrar la configuración, las redes sociales, las cuentas sociales y las opciones de transmisiones sociales en el menú de configuración.En el menú Configuración, puede activar el modo Habilitar demo para probar el módulo de marketing social.

Odoo 15 Social Marketing

If you want to use your personal Facebook Developer Account instead of the provided one you can activate the Use Your Own Facebook Account. By enabling this option, you will get two additional fields to mention the App ID and App Secret. Similarly, you can easily configure your personal Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube accounts in the Social Marketing module.

With an active Odoo subscription, you can connect with social media using the Social Media option from the Configuration menu.

Odoo 15 Social Marketing

Using the Link Account option, you can link these social platforms to your Social Marketing module.

The Social Accounts option in the Configuration menu will show the list of social accounts linked to the Social Marketing module.

Odoo 15 Social Marketing

The list will show the Medium Name, Social Media, and Company name.

Under the Social Streams option, you will get the list of all social streams added to the Social Marketing module.

Odoo 15 Social Marketing

You can find the details about the Social Media, Title, Type, and Company as shown in the image above.

This is the complete overview of the Odoo 15 Social Marketing module. For successful promotion and communication with customers, you can completely rely on this module. You can market your products and services in this module without any difficulties with the assistance of a set of popular social media platforms.