Configuration Settings in Odoo 15 Rental


In the Configuration menu of the Rental module, you will get the Settings menu where you can adjust the rental settings.

Odoo 15 Rental

In the Default Padding Time field, you can mention the minimum amount of time between two rentals. The specified time period can be considered as a preparation time for the product before the next rental. The additional cost for the late returns can be specified in the Default Delay Costs field. These costs will be applied to new rental products. You can adjust the values directly from the product forms for existing products. Here, you can set the default extra cost per hour and day on newly created products. Also, mention the minimum delay time before applying fines. Specify the delay products which will be used to add fines to the rental orders. You can activate the Digital Document to set a default document template for all rentals in the current company. Using the Upload Template option, you can add the default document.