Odoo 14 book

Website Builder

The retails mode of sale application by Odoo. This module allows the user to integrate their retail operations of the company with Odoo. This functionality can be accessed remotely using various connected devices. In addition a real time integration with the company inventory would be an added advantage in the retail operation. The module provides the user with both front end and back end usability where the modification made in either aspect is auto detected in the other.

The Odoo platform provides the user with a reliable website management tool where the user can create and customize websites for their companies and manage the operation as per their terminologies and standards. In addition, the designed module acts as along with the e-commerce website, job portal for the company as the HR portal and the custom operations.

The main features of the Odoo website builder are:

  • Intrusive system which helps the user to design the company website with ease
  • Design the website from scratch from the default building blocks available which can be customized as per the user's needs.
  • Edit the website parameters from the front end
  • Create, edit and update text in the same way as in in word processing
  • Keyword suggestions and meta tag tool will increase the traffic
  • Analyze the leads by Google analytics
  • Translations with gengo integrations
  • Mobile preview options
  • Direct social media sharing
  • Live chat functionality
  • Design own Odoo templates using HTML and bootstrap CSS
  • Design the website layout based on the best ones available.
  • Various themes available in app store which can be changed easily
  • Manage two system user editors and designer
  • Restrict both the users form the various aspects of the website operations.