Odoo 14 book


Client relationship management is an inevitable part of any business operations which provide the company with gaining business opportunities and profits. Gaming new customers and maintaining an excellent healthier relationship with the existing customers will boost your company profits. The Odoo platform provides provision for both these with the advanced management aspects and tools available to conduct various Client relation operations with the potential customers and loyal ones.

The Odoo CRM comes with various advanced features of company operations which would boost up the customer turn into the company. Some of these are:

Advanced Dashboard

The Odoo CRM dashboard is the advanced home screen which provides provisional operations that deal with all the aspects of the client relationship management of the company. The data in the dashboard can be filtered, sorted out and grouped by the various default and customizable options available. In addition the viewing parameters of the Odoo platform allows the users to view the data in the dashboard under various parameters.

Activity scheduling

The Odoo platform allows the users to schedule and conduct various activities with the leads acquired to transform them into reliable customers. Activities such as meetings, calls, emails, and other custom made ones can be planned and scheduled based on the calendar.


The Odoo platform provides provision to the user to priorities the various contacts and leads available based on a starring system. This would indicate all the users of the priority or the lead and how it’s more important to act upon the respective lead initially to acquire their business.

Customize alerts

The various alerts on the leads and the business opportunities can be customized by the user to alert the employee of the ones available. These alerts can be customized based on the various parameters which are based on the business terminologies of operation.

Lead enrichment

The Odoo module provides an additional advanced option for its users to enrich their lead. This will allow the users to batting contact information of the customers based on the email ID available.