Odoo 14 book

Warning messages

The Odoo platform allows the users to generate warning messages on certain vendors while operating on them. This would be helpful if the platform has multiple users and employees operating it in a company. A warning set by the user will be visible to other members of the company logging into the platform.

In the Odoo platform to create the warning messages the user can enable the option available in the settings menu of the purchase module. In the settings menu under the orders tab the user can enable the warning options available which can be described on the vendors as well as the products.


As the warnings are enabled in the platform the user can now allocate custom made messages for the products and the vendors. In case of the vendors under the vendor menu the user can choose a respective product and in the internal nodes of the respective vendor description the warnings on purchase and warnings on picking can be allocated. The warnings can be custom made and be provided as warning messages or blocking messages which can be closed as the warnings.