Odoo 14 book


Contact management plays a key role in any business. Efficient management of contact a of leads to customers and partners to suppliers turn crucial for any business venture. Odoo 14 Contact module, helps you to keep track of all contact management need. The user can easily maintain track of the transactions and interactions between business contacts with the help of Odoo Contacts. Business to business and business to customer relation is improved with Odoo 14 Contact module. Odoo Contact which can be integrated with all other modules easily helps you fix all communication related worries.

First, Install Contact Module from Odoo Apps.

On clicking the module, you will be taken to Contact Dashboard. There you can find already created contacts.


You can create new contacts by clicking the CREATE button.


In the create form, you can add all information about the particular contact. The name, address, contact number, email, tags and other details can be added. One can also improve the contact details by adding details like salesperson/ purchaser, customer, Accounting and internal notes.

Let us check the features one by one

In Odoo 14, you can have two different types of contacts:

  • Individual
  • Company

Contact and Address Tab

You can find options to configure new customer contact details by adding name, address, phone, email ID, and notes.


Sales and Purchase Tab


The fields included in the Sales and Purchase Tab are

Sales Persons: The user who in charge of the contract

Delivery Method: Delivery method set as default in the sales order

Payment Terms: This payment term can be used instead of the default payment term given in the sales order

Pricelist: Price list given here will be used instead of the default price list in the sale order. This method can be used for transaction with a particular customer

Barcode: This feature can be used to identify the product from Point of Sale.

Fiscal Position: It helps to determine the taxes/accounts used for the contract

Accounting Tab


Bank: Details of the bank where the customer has account

Account number: The registered account number of the customer

Account Receivable: This account of current partner can be used instead of the account details in the default setting

Account Payable: You can use this account to replace the default account as the payable account of current partner

Internal Note Tab


Internal note is a function that can be used to put comments. This comment will not disturb the followers. The user can make use of this feature to insert internal notes for a particular seller without disturbing all persons in the contact list.

Overview of Meetings


On clicking the contact you can get an overview of all the scheduled meetings.


If you want to create new meetings and send invitations for meetings, you can click the calendar option on the tip. This feature also helps to synchronize your documents with Google Calendar.

Filter Data

Once you click the Dashboard again, you can easily find the options Filters and Group. This filter can be used to filter the data required.


You can also use Group option to group the contacts on the basis of their country, their activity and the operational type of the company. The grouping can be done by sales person.



On clicking a contact, the user can easily get a glance at all activities planned and scheduled with the particular contact. Their details, meetings, sales and purchase activities and other details can also be accessed.