Odoo 14 book

Purchase orders

The purchase orders in Odoo are created based on the RFQs being sent out. The user can verify the RFQs and create a purchase order straight away from the respective RFQ menu. The Odoo platform also provides the user to create purchase orders straight away without sending out the RFQs, this will help the users to deal with the regularized purchase operations of the company.

Under every RFP being sent to the vendors there are options to create a purchase order straight away from the RFQ window. The user can select the confirm order option available and the confirmed order request will be sent to the vendor.


In the purchase order window after confirming the order there is an option for the user to lock the purchase order which would enable the user to avoid any further changes on the purchase order to be done by any other employee or the users of the platform. This automated option on the locking of confirmed orders in Odoo can be enabled or disabled in the settings window of the purchase module. The user can enable the option lock confirmed order which would automatically lock the orders form further modification after the order is confirmed. The user can also unlock the respective order by selecting the unlock option available.