Odoo 14 book

Setting different addresses to delivery and invoice

Odoo allows configuring different addresses for delivery and invoicing. This will help many as every person may not have a similar delivery location as their receipt location.

For activating this feature,

Go to SALES ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Customer Addresses feature.


You can add different addresses to a quotation or sales order

In the event while creating contact you can create a customer with different delivery and invoice address. Odoo will automatically use these addresses for conveyance or delivery. If you have selected only one address for bother purposes, Odoo will automatically choose the same address for invoice generation and delivery. However, the user can edit the address while creating a Quotation or Sale Order.

odoo-sales-invoice odoo-sales-invoice

Adding of invoice & delivery addresses to a customer

If you have to add invoice and delivery address to a customer add them to the client before generating quotation or sales order. Go to any customer’s form under SALES ‣ Orders ‣ Customers.

Here, you can add new addresses to the client.


Different locations on the quotation/sales orders.

The two different addresses of the customer can be utilized on quotation or sales order that you send by email or print.