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Removal Strategies

The product removal in the instance of sales order can be configured based on the removal rules described on the operation at the instance of location description in Odoo. Under the logistics menu of the location descriptions the removal strategies of products can be described.

The removal strategies in Odoo is based on the three different rules:


First in first out rule which has been employed in queues. The priority is based on the fact that first come first serves in a real world operation. In Odoo this stands for the product removal strategy based on the first orders and the delivery is based on the first order. To elaborate, the initial product lot or serial numbered one entering the company inventory is removed initially at the instance of a customer requirement.


The exact opposite of the FIFO rule where the product incoming as the last lot is served to the customer immediately. These removal strategies in Odoo are established for certain commodity movements which should be sent out fresh.


First expiry first out based on the aspect that the products have expiration dates. This methodology will allow the users to send out the initially expiable products out first then randomly sending the products from the stock.

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