Odoo 14 book

Payment acquires

Payments is an important aspect of any business where the companies will acquire the customer payments with various terminologies defined. The Odoo platforms ecommerce aspect will allow the users to define various payments acquired as per the user needs. The payment acquires defined in the platform can be seen in the payment acquires menu accessible from the configuration tab of the website module.

In the menu all the payments acquired being installed can be viewed and the user can edit the description by selecting the one respectively. In need of adding a new payment acquirers select the create options available.


In the payment acquisitions window the user can provide the name, status and the company allocation. Additionally, in the configuration tab the user can describe the payment form, allocate support payments, enable or disable QR code option and configure the communication protocols. Moreover, in the availability menu the user can provide the details of the countries where the respective payment acquires can be used.