Odoo 14 book

Lead Acquirement

Lead recruitment in the Odoo CRM is an aspect which is simplified to rescue the stress, and work of the managers and the employees of the sales team thus improving their productivity along with the company profits.

Automated lead assignation

The Odoo platform allows the users to enable the automated lead assignation of the various sales representatives of the teams which would simplify the operations for the sales managers and executives. This in turn is done based on the tag allocations done on each lead.

Lead mining

The functionality in Odoo allows the users to search and generate various leads based on the parameters such as country of operation, size of the customer company, technology used by the customer and the products produced.


Lead enrichment

The advanced feature in Odoo CRM which would deliberate the leads for the help of a single contact address. This advanced functionality allows the users to generate contacts of the leads for the email ID available. The search is conducted in the social media platforms and eternal web to attain results.

Outlook CRM extension

The new feature will allow the user to turn the mils received in the user’s outlook inbox into internal leads for the reference. In addition, these could be turned into opportunities upon acting on them.

Lead scoring

This feature in Odoo CRM allows the users to determine the analytical data on each opportunity available.


Operations on Leads

The Odoo platform allows the user to operate on the leads available rather than just scheduling activities. These options can be viewed under each lead description and can be done with respect to the need of the users and the company operation.


Send messages

This feature allows the user to send messages to the leads directly from the lead menu.

Log note

The log information on the leads can be describe and the operations which have been conducted can also be described


The various attachments in form of documents, video file and more can be attached to the respective lead containing the information on the same.