Odoo 14 book


Planning is an important feature. Earlier, it was part of the Project App. This was converted into an independent app in Odoo 14 to make planning easier and more user-friendly. Odoo planning helps a business to manage all tasks easily and quickly.

To make use of Odoo Planning, install the app from Odoo Apps.


Click on the app to enter the app.


This feature helps a user create a schedule for oneself or for other employees. This app helps to create a schedule for a month, a week, a day or for a year.

Create A schedule

This can be done by clicking on the day for which you want to create a schedule. On clicking on the date, you will get a new window as given below.


Here, the user can add the Role, Project, task, repeat status, date, allocated time and allocated work hours. After completing the process, just click the Save button to mark the changes.

Odoo Planning also gives a filter option also for scheduling. This feature can help the user to filter the schedules based on Open shifts, Open Shift for my Roles, My Shifts, My Team, Future, Past etc.

odoo-planning odoo-planning

This feature will help a user to pick up extra shift or plan shifts in an efficient way.

Open Shifts Management

Open Shift is a feature that helps a user to just plan or start a shift keeping it open to others. In such cases, if the creator is not able to finish the work owing to shortage of resources or due to any other reason than someone else can take up the work and complete the job.


Once an employee creates an open shift another employee can just take up the work by clicking on the schedule and making necessary changes.

My Planning

An employee can view his plans and schedule under the My Planning tab. For this go to Planning> My Planning.


Here, you will get a representation of you already created shift schedules. this can be viewed separately for a day, a week, a month, or for a year.


This schedule can also be sent to other employees using the Send Schedule Tab.


Roles Configuration

Odoo Planning helps a business to plan roles for its employees. This can be done based on the different roles in the company. To configure roles, a user will have to go to Planning> Configuration> Roles

Here, the user can find different role names and the employees working in those particular roles.


A user can create Roles by clicking the CREATE button.

A new line will be added to the existing list. The role and the name of the employees can be added here.


Notion of Roles

This feature of the planning module helps to manage different roles. IF we are considering the example of a restaurant, there could be a waitress, chef or bar tender. An employee or manager can set roles while scheduling.


Odoo offers a Report feature in all modules. In the Planning module, Report helps to analyses planning.

Planning Analysis

To access this go to Planning> Reporting> Planning Analysis.


Here, you can find the names of all employees, their allocated work hours, for different periods, Effective Hours, Number of working days and progress. These are called the measures.